About this project

The goal of our project is to build a motorized model of a Mars rover on a budget. The main goal is to see the Rocker-bogie mechanism in action, while trying to learn as many things as possible about robotics, electronics, image analysis and programming. We also intend to make the rover as smart as possible, but we will be happy if it moves without falling apart. We are powered by fascination with space exploration and a general love for science.

The end result should look something like this:

Image of Sawppy the rover

Or perhaps more like this

Image of the Curiosity rover on Mars


The rover design is based on Sawppy the Rover by Roger Cheng, an amazing open-source project of a rover model based in turn on the JPL’s Open Source Build-It-Yourself Rover provided by NASA/JPL. It mimics the design or the Curiosity and Mars 2020 rovers and is meant to encourage creativity and love for robotics in high-school students.

We would like to thank Robopoly EPFL for their support.